Decaying Lands Campaign

Landing page for any posts having to do with my Decaying Lands campaign. So far that's just session reports. Started off using Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules but may switch it up to Old-School Essentials to try it out when it drops.

Completely ripping this idea off of Peter Dell'Orto because that's how I got up to speed on his Felltower campaign and I love looking at his ever-expanding graveyard. Thanks Peter!

Current Party

PCs in boldNPCs in italics

Barthelm Schade, Specialist (James)
Claus Drexol, Magic-User (Vegas)
  Phillip Bachman, linklad
  Lucien Courtet, infantryman
Edmond Renault, Fighter ( Skarne )
Jehan, Woodsman [reskinned Halfling] (Helpful Waffle)

  Walter, poacher
Tenkos, Cleric [plague doctor kit] (Sugarplum)
Viggo Pyreborn, ?? (Peanut Butter)
Teake's Teeth
Tinslee & Therese, teamsters

PCs in Reserve

Boris "Iron Guts", Fighter (Vegas)
Caleb, Fighter [farmer kit] (Just Yolks)
  Suzie, a stubborn but loyal mule
Jewel, Really Good Dog (Rudy)
  Buddy, ratter dog [Specialist]

Session Summaries

Session 08 - Heartless Intro Session
Session 09 - Return to the Wandering Isles
Session 10 - Return to Hommlet
Session 11 - Polde's Homecoming
Session 12 - Tower of Bremmlecht 01
Session 13 - Tower of Bremmlecht 02
Session 14 - Tower of Bremmlecht 03
Session 15 - Bremmlecht BizDev
Session 16 - Search for Ralf
Session 17 - Storming the Fight Club!
Session 18 - Ralf's Return
Session 19 - Digging at the Crossroads
Session 20 - Dogs Are Dumb
Session 21 - Bottom Floor Exit
Session 22 - Skeleton Staredown
Session 23 - Bodies to Barter
Session 24 - YOLO
Session 25 - Hoot-Hoot and Sarah
Session 26 - Wolf Howls
Session 27 - Zero Murder Somehow
Session 28 - Meee-OW
Session 29 - Down Stilton Way
Session 30 - Milkin' It
Session 31 - Six Plates?!
Session 32 - Plan C
Session 33 - Murder Cow Murder
Session 34 - What Is Happening In This Basement
Session 35 - Stilton Escape
Session 36 - Gastrotourism
Session 37 - A Princely Request
Session 38 - Accounting Homework
Session 39 - It's a Hexcrawl Baby
Session 40 - Rain Rain Go Away


PCs in bold, NPCs in italics

Buttercup, horse, shot by Barthelm while a wizard was trying to steal her
Heidi Fassbinder, Fighter 3, infested by worm tumours (Peanut Butter)
Helga Frelse, Elf 2, fell to death in a rocky hole (Sugarplum)
Grizzle / Shado, grizzled mongrel, impaled by a fancy bear trap through a luxurious rug
Wiebke Bott, linklady, burned to death
Karl GeltExiled Prince 1, crushed by a 2x4 (Helpful Waffle)
Viggo Marklund, Specialist 3 [bounty hunter kit], sliced and diced in a basement (Peanut Butter)
Margot Hachette (Teake's Teeth), Infantry, rent by awful claws
Robbie, Margot's horse, neck bit clean through

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