Lamentations Campaign

Landing page for any posts having to do with my LotFP campaign Lamentations of a Decaying Land. Completely ripping this idea off of Peter Dell'Orto because that's how I got up to speed on his Felltower campaign and I love looking at his ever-expanding graveyard.

Current Party

PCs in boldNPCs in italics

Barthelm Schade, Specialist (James)
Claus Drexol, Magic-User (Vegas)
  Phillip Bachman, linklad
  Lucien Courtet, infantryman
Edmond Renault, Fighter ( Skarne )
Tenkos, Cleric [plague doctor kit] (Sugarplum)
Viggo Pyreborn, ?? (Peanut Butter)

PCs in Reserve

Boris "Iron Guts", Fighter (Vegas)
Caleb, Fighter [farmer kit] (Just Yolks)
  Suzie, a stubborn but loyal mule
Jehan, Woodsman [reskinned Halfling] (Helpful Waffle)
  Walter, poacher
Jewel, Really Good Dog (Rudy)
  Buddy, ratter dog [Specialist]

Session Summaries

Session 08 - Heartless Intro Session
Session 09 - Return to the Wandering Isles
Session 10 - Return to Hommlet
Session 11 - Polde's Homecoming
Session 12 - Tower of Bremmlecht 01
Session 13 - Tower of Bremmlecht 02
Session 14 - Tower of Bremmlecht 03
Session 15 - Bremmlecht BizDev
Session 16 - Search for Ralf
Session 17 - Storming the Fight Club!
Session 18 - Ralf's Return
Session 19 - Digging at the Crossroads
Session 20 - Dogs Are Dumb
Session 21 - Bottom Floor Exit
Session 22 - Skeleton Staredown
Session 23 - Bodies to Barter
Session 24 - YOLO
Session 25 - Hoot-Hoot and Sarah
Session 26 - Wolf Howls
Session 27 - Zero Murder Somehow
Session 28 - Meee-OW
Session 29 - Down Stilton Way
Session 30 - Milkin' It
Session 31 - Six Plates?!
Session 32 - Plan C
Session 33 - Murder Cow Murder
Session 34 - What Is Happening In This Basement
Session 35 - Stilton Escape
Session 36 - Gastrotourism
Session 37 - A Princely Request
Session 38 - Accounting Homework


PCs in bold, NPCs in italics

Buttercup, horse, shot by Barthelm while a wizard was trying to steal her
Heidi Fassbinder, Fighter 3, infested by worm tumours (Peanut Butter)
Helga Frelse, Elf 2, fell to death in a rocky hole (Sugarplum)
Grizzle / Shado, grizzled mongrel, impaled by a fancy bear trap through a luxurious rug
Wiebke Bott, linklady, burned to death
Karl GeltExiled Prince 1, crushed by a 2x4 (Helpful Waffle)
Viggo Marklund, Specialist [bounty hunter kit], sliced and diced in a basement (Peanut Butter)

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