AROS: Random Tidbits

I had a post drafted up about running A Rasp Of Sand, call it halfway between impressions, tips, and a review. I have kind of a need to be thorough and detailed so there were a lot of different aspects to it. I made the mistake of drafting it in the actual blogger post drafting interface on mobile, so it's gone now. BOOM. 

Oh well. Instead, here's a sweet Family logo that my player Vegas made. His family's trade is Slug Farmer.

Brown shield on a purple background. A light green slug with dark green stripes is flanked by two red hearts.
DeGastropoda Family Crest

I cannot describe how tickled I was! It was so great. We were starting our fourth session with two dead generations and I asked for everyone's family crest. Vegas was all "hold on lemme get out mspaint." Truly someone committed to the glory of slug farming.

That third generation died in the first room (sometimes two awful shark people show up), so they quickly rolled up new characters and started Generation 4. We'll see how far they make it!

Overall A Rasp Of Sand has been a fun diversion after a multi-year campaign and we're all enjoying the change of structure. Maybe deeper thoughts later if I end up re-writing that post and I'll release the (SUPER BASIC) character generator I made sometime soon.

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