d100 Skeleton Generator

I love mspaint. Screw hands and feet though.
Ian Reilly wrote a really flavorful table of d100 skeletons. They are really good! You should go there and read that first. The timing was perfect too because my players had heard some dog rumors about corpses digging down in the graveyard and were trying to investigate. To make my life easier, I made a sheet to populate stats and descriptions based on rolling a bunch of d100s. (Unsurprising spoiler for my players hey random skeletons incoming).

All you have to do is fill in a bunch of numbers on the first column of the first worksheet and the sheet does the rest. I use random.org's Integer Generator to give me a nice big column of numbers 1-100 and then just copy paste them into the sheet all in one go. Here's a link to a generator of 300 to make it even easier.

All of the descriptions on the data sheet are from Ian's awesome table; they get pulled into the first sheet when you fill out the column. All of the stats are whatever garbage I made up. You may want to replace them if you copy the sheet to use because I don't have any kind of intrinsic thought about what skeleton stats should be; I just put seemed good to me (LotFP frame of reference).

HP gets rerolled every time you update the sheet (and apparently whenever you load the sheet) so you may want to get everything set before you pay it too much mind. The "Special" column is pulled from data but the "Special 2" column is editable for when you want to specify what kind of magic shield or wand or whatever the skeleton has. You should definitely use Papers & Pencils d100 wands and d100 staves tables to help with that. I may use Dan D's table of magic masks as crowns stand-ins, too.

I hope this has some use for folks.

If I'm super wrong about old school skeleton stats you can tell me and I will learn something!

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